[Nagoya] Come on people who want to learn PALM READING !


Hi, My name is Nishikei.

I have been researching palm reading for 11 years now.

I have read hand lines in twelve countries in the past so far.

I have been observing the hands of countless people.

From that experience, I have developed a way to read hands that combines Yin Yang concept and entropy.

I am convinced that everyone can divine the world around this technique if I use this technique.

I am operating a 16-class palmistry school in Japan.

Main class is in Nagoya. We also open in Tokyo and Osaka.

I am planning to develop this Yin-Yang palm reading school all over the world.

However, I am wondering whether the textbooks and concepts described in Japanese are suitable for other countries and cultures.

So, I am recruiting.

Is there anyone who wants to learn hand divination in Nagoya?

Usually one lesson is 10000 yen. However, it’s OK for textbook fee 1000 yen only.

Instead of teaching you cheaply than usual, you give me advice.

Please help with translation and customization of textbooks.

And please invite me there when you return to your hometown.

I don’t care even if you work as a fortune teller.

I will teach you the technique. Please tell me my country about me.

I can speak a little English.I am glad that you can speak Japanese even a little.

Please contact us here.





西田 圭一郎

1987年富山市生まれ。工学修士。 商社の開発営業職を辞めて、占いや相術を生業にしています。本と旅とポケモンと文章を書くことが好きです。黒も好きです。どの国に行ってもスチューデント扱いされます。詳しくはこちらから。


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